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Solidarity & Peace (Spring 1)




Solidarity is a word which can be overused and little understood. However, it is fundamental to the way in which we treat one another. If we truly believe that we are all sisters and brothers of one another, made in God’s image and likeness as seen in the guideline of human dignity, then seeking the good of one another cannot be ignored.

Our third theme for our Catholic Social teaching area this year is Solidarity & Peace. The quotation from St John Paul II is an ongoing challenge. Solidarity is not just feeling sorry for those who suffer. It is a commitment to action. “We are all really responsible for all” – all of us. Wherever we are. Whatever our age. Whatever our circumstances. We are all responsible for one another, those close by, and those far away. All of our actions have consequences locally and globally. From how we treat people we meet in the street, to the coffee we buy in the supermarket. It is how we live out Caritas, love in action.


Mr. Kincaid went to Corrymeela to listen to the way that the people who worked there supported the people of northern Ireland in bringing peace to the country.  He came back and spoke to us about forgiveness and how people need to forgive in order for peace to exist.  


Loving God,

We come together to thank you for our human family. You created our world so that we may live in harmony with one another.

Help us to follow the example of Your Son, Jesus Christ, by spreading Your peace and by standing in solidarity with those who cannot speak for themselves.