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Who is St Augustine?

St. Augustine was a very important person who lived a long time ago. He was born in a place called Thagaste, which is now in Algeria, Africa, in the year 354. Augustine was a smart person who thought a lot about life and God.


When Augustine was young, he wasn't a Christian at first. His mom, Monica, was a Christian, but his dad was not.


Growing up Augustine, was considered to be badly behaved and did not follow in the pathway his Mum wished for. He would often be caught stealing and not being nice to other people where he lived. His mum Monica, now St. Monica, would pray for him each day that if he didn’t find God, then God would find him.


However, as he got older Augustine explored different ideas about life and God, like a game of figuring things out. His conversion to Christianity occurred in 386 when he heard a child's voice urging him to "take up and read" a passage from the Bible.  The Latin phrase for this is Tolle Legge – and you can see that on our school badge.

This experience led to his acceptance of Christianity and he eventually, he became a Christian, and he wrote a book called "Confessions" where he talked about his life and how he became a believer.


Later on, Augustine became a leader in the Christian church. He wrote many books about God and how to live a good life. One of his famous books is called "City of God," where he talked about how there are two important places in life – one on Earth and one in heaven.


Augustine also had conversations with people who believed different things. He helped explain what Christians believe and why. He became a bishop, in a city called Hippo. He is known as St Augustine of Hippo.


Even though Augustine lived a long time ago, people still read his books and learn from what he wrote. He was an important person in the history of Christianity, and his ideas continue to be important for Christians today.