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This autumn term, Arwen (Dramatic Dreams) will be working with Reception, Year 3; Year 4; Year 5; and Year 6. She has outlined what they will be concentrating on throughout this term.  As always this will be a fun way for the children to learn and reinforce the knowledge they are gaining in class. The drama sessions will enhance their skills to speak out, annunciate and listen to each other. The confidence levels of the children increase and they thoroughly enjoy these sessions. 



Drama will support Reception class with their speech and language skills. The learning objective for this term will be to encourage each child to speak loudly and clearly using a variety of vocabulary and expression.  In drama we will use a variety of stories, nursery rhymes and songs to achieve this.


Year 3

Drama will support the Year 3 class reader Charlottes Web.  We will look at characters and scenes from the book.  We will apply different acting techniques – physical and vocal – to becoming the different characters.  A particular focus for Year 3 will be using drama to improve their whole body listening skills.


 Year 4:

Drama will support Year 4 history topic Greek Myths. We will dramatise a series of Greek Myths to extend the children's knowledge of Greek Myths and characters. We will look at the structure of scripts as well as deepening the children's understanding of Greek Myths.


Year 5:

Drama will support Year 5 history topic Anglo-Saxons. We will study Beowulf looking at Anglo-Saxon language, names and story-telling. We will dramatise some scenes from Beowulf using scripts and improvisation.

We will particularly focus on developing Year 5s storytelling skills and extending their vocabulary.


Year 6:

Drama will support Year 6 history topic of World War Two this half term. We will dramatise some scenes from Goodnight Mr Tom and role play an evacuation from London.

As well as supporting the history topic we will look at developing the children's performance skills particularly looking at accents and expression.