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Community & Participation (Spring 2)


As human beings, we are called to live in community, with others, growing together and flourishing as a result. We are also called to get involved.  At World Youth Day in 2013, Pope Francis challenged us:


“Don’t be observers, but immerse yourself in the reality of life, as Jesus did.”


We are called to be active members of society, our local and global community. Observing the reality of the world, remembering that first guideline of the dignity of all people, supporting one another and recognising how our gifts and talents could be used to the advantage of the wider community.  We can’t just sit back and bemoan what’s happening, whether in our own parish and community, society, or the world.  We are called to get our hands dirty, to get involved, to help build a better world.  We’re all called to put love into action.

Year 6 took part in an Urban studies Event where they spoke about improving the world around us by encouraging us not to use single use plastic bottles.