St Augustine'sCatholic Primary School

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It is very important for your child to be at school on time every day. If your child is late, they miss the welcome, the beginning of assembly or the outline of the day’s learning intentions as well as interrupting the session in progress.


The beginning of the day is a busy time for everyone, since it is important for the school day to start on time so that the children get their maximum entitlement of curriculum time. If you need to speak to the class teacher please  leave a message with the office, who will pass your message on as soon as possible. The class teachers are available to speak with parents at 3.15p.m. on most days or you can arrange a mutually convenient appointment time with the class teacher.


If your child is late they will need to enter school via the front office. They will need to sign a book to show that they are in school, as the class register will have already been taken. 


School ends at 3.15p.m. for all children. Please be on time to collect your child at the end of the school day. If you are delayed, please telephone and advise us of this.


We expect all children up to the end of Year 4 to be collected by an adult at the end of the school day. Please ensure that you tell the school well in advance if someone other than yourself is due to collect your child from school.  From the start of Year 5, if you wish your child to walk home from school alone, please inform us in writing.


If you or your child is running late for either the start of school or the end of the day please contact the school on: 0207-385-4333 or email